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Honoring Christ through creativity.

September 23, 2015

019: Speculative Fiction and Characters

Continuing with our mini-series, this week we're talking about how to build characters in a speculative fiction setting. We explore several different approaches to character creation, including basing a character off of the MBTI personality theory, a single driving characteristic, a specific character arc or journey that the character has to undertake internally, or just off of the fact that they are very different from your own experience, rather than being an extension of you (as most characters undoubtedly will be). In the process, we come up with a really interesting story that involves all four of the characters we make (plus one more that came as a natural result of the story creation) in some very dynamic ways.

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September 15, 2015

018: Worldbuilding! (Speculative Fiction and Setting)

We're back! This week, the Powers Brothers tackle one of their favorite subjects: Worldbuilding for speculative fiction settings. We're going to go through some theory on the process of worldbuilding itself and how to go about it, and then show you how we do worldbuilding by actually making up ideas on the podcast for a new fantasy world. We focus mainly on magic systems/macroscopic world ideas in this podcast, but those kinds of changes tend to inspire smaller bits of worldbuilding pretty easily, and as you'll see if you listen all the way through, we end up coming up with a few story ideas by the end of it. Next week, we'll be focusing on characters, and doing the same sort of thing that we did here, but starting with intimate character struggles and then moving outward to world and story. 

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September 3, 2015

017: Our Review of Star Wars

This week the Powers brothers tackle one of the biggest film franchises ever in a galaxy far, far away. That's right, we're talking about Star Wars. Oh, and our good friend Becca Harper joins us with a clever (or not so clever, depending on your viewpoint) comment every once in a while. We love Becca, but she didn't have much of an idea of what we were talking about since she has never seen all the Star Wars films.But Connor and I always make mistakes and take the podcast onto dozens of rabbit trails, so Becca can be excused of her ignorance. 

We critique both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy of space opera science-fiction that make up the complete Star Wars franchise, and then go on to explain the Expanded Universe--the games and novels that were created within the same setting and fill in much of the rest of the universe that is Star Wars. We also talk through the topic of worldviews influencing movies, and what we should be filling ourselves up with as Christians.

For those wondering about why the Star Wars films were numbered the way they were: the original film was just entitled Star Wars (later Star Wars: A New Hope) and it wasn't until the release of Empire Strikes Back that the roman numerals were added to indicate where these films were in sequence. Apparently, George Lucas had planned for a while to go back and make a prequel trilogy. 

Also, here is the link to the webcomic Caleb talks about.

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