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011: Our Review of Jurassic World

June 25, 2015

The Powers brothers tackle the wildly popular movie, Jurassic World, and talk about how much they loved it. We go into a lot of detail about various topics related to the movie and then analyze the film as a story. Warning: The latter part of this episode is very spoilery. We talk about the way the movie treated evolutionary theory, the amount of violence in the film and some parental suggestions, the greatness of the "monster movie" plot the movie followed, and the various human stories that may or may not have subtracted from the other plot elements. Feel free to leave comments below on what your favorite (or least favorite) parts of the movie were!

Several other people have done great reviews on the movie, such as Answers in Genesis and Howard Tayler.

Also, we talked about the fantastic monster movie Godzilla, which is what Jurassic World is second to in our opinion in term of monster movies.

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