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Honoring Christ through creativity.

013: Answering Some Of The Tough Questions

July 9, 2015

Today the Powers brothers answer two very important listener questions. Do you have to be judgemental if you disagree with someone, and does God hate people? We don't have time to go into a really elongated answer with both questions, but we give them a quick synopsis. Feel free to comment on the episode and tell us what you think about the conversation! 

Psalm 5:5 is the verse Jesse Knopp referenced with his question. And though we cut out a little bit of the audio when we looked up the actual Hebrew translation of the verse, suffice it to say that the word hate is the literal word for hate in this verse. 2 Timothy 3:16 was the verse Connor was trying to remember pertaining to all scripture being divinely inspired. Acts 4:25 is the verse Caleb was talking about confirming that the Psalms were God-breathed, and though it's not Jesus saying it, it still speaks of the Holy Spirit speaking through David.

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