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Honoring Christ through creativity.

014: Controversial Bands

July 16, 2015
Today on the podcast, the Powers Brothers distill three bands to their essences and talk about the pros and cons about their art. We listen to one of the band's songs that most describes their own personal philosophies and the message they're trying to get across, and then critique that message. Oh, and we apologize for the fan that is in the background for some of this episode--due to some extraneous circumstances, there was nothing we could do about that.

Emery is up first, with their song "Listening To Freddie Mercury" which perfectly captures the empathy and struggle that they convey through their songs. We also reference their podcast, Bad Christian, in which they discuss theology from their point of view. It's definitely quite an interesting podcast though we don't necessarily agree with everything they say, and there is some strong profanity. I also reference a song by one of my favorite spoken words artists, Dear Son, which you can find here.

Next up is Rise Against, and their song "A Gentlemen's Coup", which brings to life their desire for social change and never backing down. Right after is The Collection, with "Garden", talking about the way Christians act and the things the band finds wrong with the concepts of Christian inactivity and violence. The Collection is passionate about mercy and grace and calling out various Christian inconsistencies in a subtle way.

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