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Honoring Christ through creativity.

018: Worldbuilding! (Speculative Fiction and Setting)

September 15, 2015
We're back! This week, the Powers Brothers tackle one of their favorite subjects: Worldbuilding for speculative fiction settings. We're going to go through some theory on the process of worldbuilding itself and how to go about it, and then show you how we do worldbuilding by actually making up ideas on the podcast for a new fantasy world. We focus mainly on magic systems/macroscopic world ideas in this podcast, but those kinds of changes tend to inspire smaller bits of worldbuilding pretty easily, and as you'll see if you listen all the way through, we end up coming up with a few story ideas by the end of it. Next week, we'll be focusing on characters, and doing the same sort of thing that we did here, but starting with intimate character struggles and then moving outward to world and story. 

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