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Honoring Christ through creativity.

022: Superheroes! (Cultural Influences On Stories)

October 16, 2015
This week, the Powers Brothers are joined by their new semi-permanent co-host: David Ludens! A good friend of Caleb and Connor, David knows a lot about art and loves talking about it, and so give him a round of applause for his debut episode! In this episode, we talk about cultural influences on stories--those social issues that are important when a story was written that make it into the book. We talk about how cultural influences of the past have been used to make good stories, how we can use the cultural influences of today to make good stories, and what you might want to stay away from when drawing on influences from your book. One of the main things we dig into is the superhero mythos--what were the cultural influences that created that genre and why does it work? What does that mean for us as Christian artists and how can we use that today?

Oh, and we reference our favorite podcast, Writing Excuses, quite a bit. 

Warning: There is a fan in the background for most of the episode. We apologize. 

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