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Honoring Christ through creativity.

048: Building Our Ideal Church, Part One

April 25, 2016

This week we indulge in a thought experiment and pretend that we're in the process of building a new church from the ground up. How would we run it? What would our statement of faith look like? How would we do communion and baptism and ministries? Who would we hire for the different positions? We have a blast thinking about what this ideal church would look like, and we hope you a blast listening to it. And yes, there's going to be a sequel! Hence the part one. Oh, and our great friend Miki joins us and adds some random commentary at opportune moments. Everyone should start a petition to get her on the podcast more (and to actually say things). 

I know I tend to say that I'll put things in the liner notes and then I don't...but this time I'm actually doing it! Below is a list of things that were mentioned in the episode that you might want to check out:

The Evangelical Free Churches of America "What We Believe" Page (Note: We do actually disagree with one word in this: premillenial. The EFCA believes that Christ will have a literal thousand-year reign on Earth, which we disagree with. But we have an unpopular eschatology. Maybe we'll talk about it at some point.)

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