The Christian Artist

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Honoring Christ through creativity. A podcast about being a Christian artist, and what creativity means when we serve a Creator God.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 37: Time Management, Magic, and Soup

    This week we've mismanaged our time, which means that we have twenty minutes to record an episode, which means that we're just going to talk about whatever random thing comes to our minds! LINKS:Podcast ...


  2. 36: The Art of Parenting

    This week we give you some tips on how to go about parenting your children. Or, barring you actually being a parent at this time of your life, some tips to prepare you for being a parent. We're talking to ourselves here too, and most of these tips come from ...


  3. 35: Law and Order

    This week we talk about law and order! No, not the TV show (or rather, the numerous TV shows in the franchise), but rather various topics having to do with government and laws and how we deal with them as Christians and artists. We start by going through some of ...


  4. 34: Our Review Of Les Friction (And Other Randomness)

    This week we have a condensed episode, but one with all the works! We do a review on a song and the artist that made it, talk about role-playing games and the consumer response to your art, and give you advice on character vs. plot...all in under thirty minutes. It's ...


  5. 33: Role-Playing Games (And Audio Problems)

    This week Caleb is ashamed. For he did not check the settings on the recording program before the start of the episode despite a history of audio problems caused by not checking the settings before the start of an episode. And so this week, you have an unedited episode recorded ...