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Honoring Christ through creativity. A podcast about being a Christian artist, and what creativity means when we serve a Creator God.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 22: Superheroes! (Cultural Influences On Stories)

    This week, the Powers Brothers are joined by their new semi-permanent co-host: David Ludens! A good friend of Caleb and Connor, David knows a lot about art and loves talking about it, and so give him a round of applause for his debut episode! In this episode, we talk about ...


  2. 21: Speculative Fiction and Plot

    This week we finish our mini-series on speculative fiction, tackling story creation from a purely plot perspective, rather than a character or setting perspective. We use two different plotting methods: the Seven Point Story Structure and Orson Scott Card's MICE Quotient, to build the outline of an urban fantasy story. In ...


  3. 20: Our Review of War Room

    This week, the Powers Brothers do a quick review on the movie War Room and what they think it did well (which is a lot of things). We also talk about how the Christian film industry is lackluster (check out Kevin McCreary's review of God's Not Dead if you're not convinced ...


  4. 19: Speculative Fiction and Characters

    Continuing with our mini-series, this week we're talking about how to build characters in a speculative fiction setting. We explore several different approaches to character creation, including basing a character off of the MBTI personality theory, a single driving characteristic, a specific character arc or journey that the character has to ...


  5. 18: Worldbuilding! (Speculative Fiction and Setting)

    We're back! This week, the Powers Brothers tackle one of their favorite subjects: Worldbuilding for speculative fiction settings. We're going to go through some theory on the process of worldbuilding itself and how to go about it, and then show you how we do worldbuilding by actually making up ideas ...