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Honoring Christ through creativity. A podcast about being a Christian artist, and what creativity means when we serve a Creator God.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 17: Our Review of Star Wars

    This week the Powers brothers tackle one of the biggest film franchises ever in a galaxy far, far away. That's right, we're talking about Star Wars. Oh, and our good friend Becca Harper joins us with a clever (or not so clever, depending on your viewpoint) comment every once in ...


  2. 16: Anthony Weisensel, Graphic Designer

    Today on the podcast, Caleb interviews Anthony "AJ" Weisensel, a good friend of the podcast and a Christian artist in his own right, on his graphic design work and the ways he uses his talent to honor Christ. The questions he asks AJ are written out below, but you'll have ...


  3. 15: Songs About Transitions

    We are back after our long hiatus, fully recovered from the busyness of the last month and ready to record more episodes! Today we have a guest back on the show after a long crop of episodes with just the Powers brothers--Hannah Laatsch is back, just in time for us ...


  4. 14: Controversial Bands

    Today on the podcast, the Powers Brothers distill three bands to their essences and talk about the pros and cons about their art. We listen to one of the band's songs that most describes their own personal philosophies and the message they're trying to get across, and then critique that ...


  5. 13: Answering Some Of The Tough Questions

    Today the Powers brothers answer two very important listener questions. Do you have to be judgemental if you disagree with someone, and does God hate people? We don't have time to go into a really elongated answer with both questions, but we give them a quick synopsis. Feel free to ...