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Honoring Christ through creativity. A podcast about being a Christian artist, and what creativity means when we serve a Creator God.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 7: A Conversation On Morality

    It's just Connor and I today in the Room of Podcasting, having a conversation about morality. We discuss the concepts of good, evil, neutrality, and everything in between, and detail what we think about the "black and white" versus "shades of grey" argument among Christians. Just a heads up, we ...


  2. 6: God As Our Creator (And Questions!)

    This week, Hannah and AJ are back with us to turn the tables and talk about God as the artist and what that means for our own creative endeavors. We also answer some listener questions! Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Caleb and Connor recommend this fun, clean, and really silly ...


  3. 5: The Ways We Experience Music

    We have a full house on the podcast this week--Kirsten is back, along with our friends Emily and Hannah (and AJ sneaks back into the podcast in the middle of the episode)! It gets a little crazy, but we have ...


  4. 4: Jesus Christ, Storyteller

    AJ is back! And we talk about awesome stuff. Namely, the way Jesus told stories, the way we should tell stories, and somehow in the middle of it all we get into a conversation about open-air preaching and traveling the country and sharing the Gospel. After that, we do a segment ...


  5. 3: Edginess, Integrity and...Piercings?

    We have a conversation with our friend Kirsten about the fine line between edginess and integrity when you are creating art as a Christian, and in the middle of it all we end up talking about many other tangential ...