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Honoring Christ through creativity. A podcast about being a Christian artist, and what creativity means when we serve a Creator God.

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  1. 147: The Caleb-Carly Power Hour 2: Electric Boogaloo

    This week, Caleb and Carly talk about the art they've been consuming and creating...again! LINKS:Podcast Website YouTubeTwitch ChannelPatreon CampaignCaleb's WebsiteDiscord ...


  2. 146: The Image of God

    This week we're chatting with Emily Urban again about the image of God and what it means for as Christians and artists. You can find Emily on Twitter (@helloemilyurban) or at her website. LINKS:Podcast Website YouTubeTwitch ChannelPatreon CampaignCaleb's Website ...


  3. 145: The Idol of Callings

    This week we have our friend Emily Urban on to talk about how we sometimes idolize the idea of "callings" in the Christian community. You can find Emily on Twitter (@helloemilyurban) or at her website. ...


  4. 144: Suicide and Justification

    I told myself I would edit this episode, but here we are. Nope. This one's a little all over the place, but important nonetheless. This week we're talking about a heavy topic: Suicide. We talk about the topic's relation with our justification as Christians, the Biblical view of sin, and other ...


  5. 143: The One About Growing Up

    Since we recorded this on Carly's eighteenth birthday, we thought it would be good to talk about growing up, getting older, and having responsibility, since it's been on all of our minds of late. Come join us for a slightly frazzled and technically difficult episode as we discuss what Scripture ...