1: Introduction

Episode 1 April 09, 2015 00:25:39
The Christian Artist
1: Introduction

Show Notes

And so begins the show! Caleb, Connor, and AJ talk about creativity--why we’re creative, ways to be creative, and how we can honor Christ with that creativity. A very general overview this week, but as the show continues, we’ll expound on this topic and many others like it. We also talk about the famous quote “preach the gospel, and when necessary use words” and whether or not that’s Biblical. Oh, and we also answer a “question” from a friend of the podcast.


Writing Excuses: Caleb’s favorite podcast, hosted by four of his favorite authors, and covering all sorts of tips and tricks in storytelling/creative writing. You’ll probably be hearing a lot of references to this podcast during the course of the show.


St. Francis of Assissi: Yes, we’re aware that Connor kept saying “Sir” Francis. And we’re also aware that it is “Saint” Francis.


WWUTT: One of our favorite YouTube channels, “When We Understand The Text”. Seriously, guys, they’re great, their theology is great, and their videos are ninety seconds long. You have no excuse to not check them out.


The Collection: One of Caleb’s favorite bands. You’ll hear more about them in the future. They have lots of free music on Noisetrade, so check them out! And if you like their music, buy their album “Ars Moriendi”. Caleb highly recommends it.


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