144: Suicide and Justification

Episode 144 September 24, 2019 01:00:13
The Christian Artist
144: Suicide and Justification

Show Notes

I told myself I would edit this episode, but here we are. Nope. This one's a little all over the place, but important nonetheless. This week we're talking about a heavy topic: Suicide. We talk about the topic's relation with our justification as Christians, the Biblical view of sin, and other related subjects. 

Also, because we keep forgetting to give the proper shout-outs when we're doing episodes, here's a written shout-out for Josh Vincent and Ethan Stoltzfus, two of my patrons who give monthly to help us do what we do here on The Christian Artist!

If you want to see/hear a much better written response to this issue, check out our friend Emily Urban's post on it here.

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