The Christian Artist

3: Edginess, Integrity and...Piercings?

The Christian Artist
3: Edginess, Integrity and...Piercings?

We have a conversation with our friend Kirsten about the fine line between edginess and integrity when you are creating art as a Christian, and in the middle of it all we end up talking about many other tangential topics, which is mainly the reason for the length of this episode. We also share a bit about what the Christian response to tattoos and piercings should be (one of Kirsten's favorite topics), cause, you know, body art.


We also referenced a lot of things in this episode, so bear with me...


God’s Not Dead: We talked a bit about this movie and the fact that it really wasn't all that great, but we didn't get into the specifics because someone already did that for us (and he did a much better job then we could have). So check out this video!


Son of God: We talked about this movie. And we don't recommend seeing it. But just in case you wanted to know more about it...


Exodus: Gods and Kings: We also don't recommend seeing this movie. At least if you get angry at horrible inaccurate movies about Biblical events. 


Noah: Or this one.


Noah Score: But if you like film scores (like Caleb), you should check out this.


Oh, and just for reference, the story about the woman staking the man's temple is found in Judges 4: 21. Just in case you wanted to know...


Thou Shalt Not Judge?: Here's a fantastic video explaining the Bible's actual views on judging. 


The Dragonlance Chronicles: Caleb recommends this fantasy adventure series, especially if you like classic Tolkien-esque fantasy. Lots of fun, lovable characters and epic adventure.


David Farland's Million Dollar Outlines:  Caleb also recommends this fantastic book on outlining a novel. David Farland talks about the theory of stories preparing your brain for dealing with stressful situations in this one. Check it out!


The Rest Is Up To You: A fantastic Relient K song about being responsible for your own actions. We recommend it. And you'll probably hear us talk about Relient K a lot on this podcast. 'Cause we like them. 



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