The Christian Artist

6: God As Our Creator (And Questions!)

The Christian Artist
6: God As Our Creator (And Questions!)

This week, Hannah and AJ are back with us to turn the tables and talk about God as the artist and what that means for our own creative endeavors. We also answer some listener questions!

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Caleb and Connor recommend this fun, clean, and really silly cartoon. Yes, it's definitely quite weird, and some people might say a little too weird, but we don't really mind those accusations since we're really weird as well. 

Mormon Artists: One thing I think we as Christians get too hung up on, is the consumption of art made by people who don't share our beliefs. We should be aware of the art we consume, of course, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't seek out novels, music, or films with different worldviews than your own. That being said, here are several Mormon artists that I really enjoy: Brandon SandersonDan WellsHoward TaylerThe Piano Guys, and Lindsey Stirling. 

Verses: We referenced a few verses in this episode, but there are also several others we didn't get to that go well with the subject matter. Here they are! Genesis 1:1Genesis 1:27Psalm 8:3-4Philippians 1:6, and Romans 1:25.



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