7: A Conversation On Morality

Episode 7 May 21, 2015 00:36:35
The Christian Artist
7: A Conversation On Morality

Show Notes

It's just Connor and I today in the Room of Podcasting, having a conversation about morality. We discuss the concepts of good, evil, neutrality, and everything in between, and detail what we think about the "black and white" versus "shades of grey" argument among Christians. Just a heads up, we take a dive into a completely Christian-oriented topic today--not much about art in this episode. But that's mainly because we were very pressed for time in the recording of this episode. We'll do a second part on this where we talk about morality in art sometime in the future!

Verses: We referenced lots of verses today, such as Matthew 12:30Romans 141 Corinthians 7Isaiah 64:6Isaiah 5:20Proverbs 1:7Romans 6:1-4, and Romans 7:7-12The Networking of Differences That Make A Difference: An awesome article on the unity of the church written by a Lutheran theologian by the name of Guillermo Hansen. 



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