8: Songs About Relationships Gone Wrong

Episode 8 May 28, 2015 01:14:50
The Christian Artist
8: Songs About Relationships Gone Wrong

Show Notes

It's just the Powers Brothers again this week, excited to talk about some of our favorite songs. We go through each song, explain some things about it and the artist that wrote it, and then play the song for your listening enjoyment. Then we review it, talk about what we liked musically and lyrically about each song, and delve into the theme across all four songs--relationships gone wrong. We hope you enjoy the ride!

From End To End: Our first song is a masterpiece from one of our favorite bands: Relient K. The title of this note has the link to the lyrics, but if you want to know anything about what we think about this song, listen to the episode!

To Start A Fire: If you follow the link, it will take you to not only the lyrics, but also the explanation given by Reese Roper that Caleb mentioned in the podcast. And here's the link to the home page of Five Iron Frenzy's website.

Hard Times: Our third song is one of Emery's new songs, from their most recent album that Connor has really been enjoying.

God, Drugs, & Sex: Our final song probably has you scratching your head. "What kind of title is that?" you might be asking. Well, bear with us. It's a great song. And here's Anberlin's website.



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